LEGO, the best choice for children to play and develop

Have you ever in your life have you played with LEGO ? … It’s an incredibly simple toy for children who have been teaching and entertaining children for many years. The word “LEGO” comes from two Danish words and the literal translation is “play well”. And that is what your children will do; not only have fun, but also develop skills in many different areas.

The game consists of several blocks of different sizes that can be attached in order to create structures or shapes of different sizes and colors. In this way, young children begin to manipulate shapes and forms, until some time later, begin to create structures that are becoming increasingly complex according to the child’s age.

Building toys like LEGO , help your child develop logical reasoning and induce LEGO find creative solutions to problems encountered at the time of doing some figure or construction; plus they develop design skills in children, such as symmetry and understanding of shapes and forms. Lego Coloring Pages can also help developing your kids skills.

Other benefits that give to your son a package of toys LEGO can offer is to help you be more organized in their daily lives, to be more responsible for their things (to avoid losing pieces) and finally, it helps to know that there are rules and rules to the game (we can always ask after playing pick up the pieces, or organize them so that you supply, etc.).

LEGO has become so famous throughout history even in various parts of the world such as Germany, USA, Malaysia and England have built amusement parks known as Lego land . In these parks almost everything is built by thousands of blocks and even roller coasters are built with LEGO reasons, more than 50 shows and attractions for you and your family have fun.

There are an infinite number of choices, from firetrucks, passing planes, boats and houses, to his favorite superhero, have even gone on sale video game themed Lego! No matter if it is a boy or girl or whether big or small … it is a fact that i love Lego land!

So next time your child asks you he regales a LEGO blocks, remember that not only will pull pieces everywhere and surely lose; veil as an excellent opportunity to develop creativity and another set of skills and abilities of your child.


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